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Why should use Website Link, Count Checker? If you ever look for Online Link Count Checker tool, you will find several of them on the internet, but the tool is unique and special from the others for several reasons: the tool is easy to use and of great convenience, besides that it is also of great benefit in a website SEO campaign.

One thing about the website is that they always have lots of links, as there are lots of webmasters looking for information on their websites, especially if they are new. So they can click on their favorite websites to get website links from them, then they can leave comments on other blogs that they like so that their links are counted as well. Website links count checker is a good tool in order to detect those links, and if someone is using them, they are counted as well. It is not very hard to identify who uses their links and what they do, because some of these tools are very simple, just an indicator of what type of website they are, some of them are more complex than others.

One simple tool that you can find for your use is a free to link counter and SEO link checker. These tools are very easy to use, that you can do it on the spot in a matter of seconds. You don't need to be a technical person to be able to operate it properly, but you do need to have a basic understanding of a computer in order to be able to use it.

One thing that should be taken care of is that this simple online tool should not contain any spyware or virus in its structure. This can sometimes destroy your computer. In addition, you also have to have your own web hosting service in order to get maximum advantage of this tool and to have full control over its operations.

There are two main types of these tools, one of them being free, and the other is the paid one. The free one will offer you a lot of things, such as link checker and URL generator, which will enable you to do all of the link building for you, while the paid tool is limited to link extractor only.

Website links count checker has an advanced feature that allows you to choose between two different formats, which are either URL checker or a Link Extractor. These two different types of links checker will enable you to check the number of sites that you want to get, and also the number of links that you want to get. Those two formats have different benefits, for example, when you use a URL checker you will get more information on the links you have, while Link Extractor will allow you to extract only specific sites that you need to add.

Website links count checker also allows you to have some reports on your report, such as, how many links you have and how many sites used your links, where did they come from, their links count, and the number of links and other information that you need to have for your report. All these reports can be found in the report section.

It is very important that you know that these are some of the services offered by webmasters if you want to be able to get more visitors on your websites. And these webmasters are willing to pay you to help them with that, which is the main reason why you must do some extra work for getting their services.