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Agora, crie o arquivo 'robots.txt' no seu diretório raiz. Copie o texto acima e cole no arquivo de texto.

Sobre Robots.txt Generator

The robots text format, also called the robots text exception format, is an important standard employed by most websites to notify other web crawlers and search engines about the content of their website. The format states exactly how to tell the search engine robot what to look for on your site.

In the text format, each line in the format has an opening tag, which represents the document title. The document name can be followed by a colon to indicate that the document must be interpreted as a body. The body of the document will contain meta-information about the webpage, and keywords relevant to its content.

Robots text is commonly used on blogs, but it is also used in more conventional websites. A typical robots text file might have the following format:

Robots may also display a number of error messages when the robot finds problems in your website. These messages can be generated in several ways. A robot's text format may consist of a series of codes that are entered directly into the page. A search engine robot may read the code and react accordingly.

Robots may display a message if the page has changed and you want to tell them about this change. For example, if you update the homepage of your website by adding a new link, the robots may generate a message informing you of this change and asking you to confirm that you want to see the new changes.

Robots may use various techniques to determine what content of your website is relevant to it. For example, the robots text format may include lines containing the term "link" that is used to tell the search engine robot where to locate the related information. This may be a simple phrase or a complex one; it is entirely up to the particular robots that read your website. The robots may then locate the relevant information and display it to you.

Robots text is important for the quality of search engine results for your website. If you have a poorly designed website, search engine robots may be slower to index your pages, and your website may be rejected by the search engines. The robots text format helps to ensure that your website is indexed quickly.

Bots are an invaluable part of web marketing. They are used to analyze the websites on the Internet and tell search engines when the site was created, what it contains, and the keywords contained in the pages.

There are several different types of bots that search engines use to index the information found in a website. Each type of bots is a little different from the other, but they all have one thing in common. The purpose of these bots is to provide relevant information to search engine spiders about your site and to allow the search engines to find relevant web pages to display to the users of your website.

Search engines use one or more robots to determine the relevancy of your pages to your users. These robots are also called robots and are very similar to human beings.

There are many different kinds of robots available on the Internet. Search engines use different kinds of robots to index a site.

One of the most common types of robots available is the robots used by Google. It is also the most popular of these bots and is what many website owners to use.

Another robot that is commonly used is called Google's PageRank. The PageRank robot tells the search engine about the importance of a certain page on a site. It is used to rank your website among other sites on the Internet.